Rizzle (Facebook/Instagram Special)

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People often ask what's the different between our products and fidget 'spiinners'.  The two main differences are that our products aren't distracting and they're not toys.  They are discreet, relaxation and focus tools.  They were designed to be used around other people so they are NOT DISTRACTING!  Our products are great for meetings, offices, commuting or anywhere else you fidget.  All our fidgets come with a Money Back Guarantee!

This Fidgetland Fidget is a 'Rizzle' which is a large fidget that is best described as fast, fluid and fun.  It's the only fidget specifically designed for adults, with two interlocking split-key rings and 8 fast aluminum rollers. Like all our fidgets, Rizzle is discreet and perfect for the office and college classrooms.  

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