STEPHIE FIDGET - Silent | Med Size | Our Most Colorful Fidget

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Medium – Designed for kids, teens and adults, elderly
WHERE to use it:
Ideal for classroom or office settings. The Stephie is the one of QUIETEST fidgets we have. If you want discreet and QUIET, Stephie is your fidget.
WHO uses it:
Students, professionals. Those suffering from any form of shaking disorder.
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The Stephie is a colorful fidget that is profoundly more quiet than our other fidget toys
➥ Like most of our fidgets, the stephie has two interlocking rings with a selection of colors available.
➥ What makes the stephie fidget toy different is the vertical silicone bands!
➥ This design and discreet fidget is great for classrooms or meeting style environments.
➥ Use the stephie as a silent panic "button" to reduce stress and symptoms associated with ADD, Autism, nail biting, hair twirling, etc.
➥ A plethora of bright and vibrant color variations.