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Medium – Designed for kids, teens, adults and the elderly (Also available in Mini and Jumbo sizes)
WHERE to use it:
The Ninny offers great fluidity and feel, so if you need quiet but you like the turning motion, this fidget is for you. Use it at school, the office, in classrooms, at the doctor, wherever anxiety kicks in or extra focus is needed.
WHO uses it:
ADD’ers, leg bouncers, nail biters, hail pullers.
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Ninny is an awesome fidget for many reasons but it's the center link that makes it unique and an instant fidget favorite. Unlike any other fidget, Ninny has 8 silicone rings that roll smoothly, providing great fidget feel and fluidity. Use Ninny to help reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism, nail biting, hair twirling, leg bouncing, etc. Go Ninny Go!  Ninny comes in three different sizes; regular, mini and jumbo.