As a Hollywood film producer, Jason Burns, had struggled with ADHD his whole life. He could not get through a meeting without twisting a straw, breaking a paperclip or bouncing his knee. In 2007, well before all was spinning, Jason created Fidgetland, and introduced the world to a new kind of Fidget. His fidgets were small, discreet and practically silent, you could take them anywhere. Fast forward 12 years, and Fidgetland has become the leader in the Fidget industry; selling to over 50 countries around the world and hundreds of thousands of people.

Meanwhile, his wife Stephanie, opted to work in Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising for some of the industries most well known and respected magazines such as ELLE, Mirabella, FOAM and Angeleno. Combine her 20 years in the fashion industry and a mom with the most sleek sophisticated jewelry style as her muse, and her passion to create jewelry began.


Stephanie and Jason put their heads together and a new world of possibilities and opportunities opened up. Their partnership fostered something entirely new that is now available in the unique and exclusive collection they created together….ARROW JEWELRY.


Arrow Jewelry’s vision is to create simplistic jewelry with a dual purpose that appeals to women and men. It’s goal is to be jewelry that can transition well, become a wardrobe staple, just like your favorite pair of jeans, that helps make your day a little bit easier. Both Jason and Stephanie find themselves wearing the jewelry everyday and they strive to design products for people just like them, people who love simplistic designs, yet need and desire the perfect fidget for keeping their fingers busy. Arrow Jewelry is great for helping with coping mechanisms, every day stress and anxiety.