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Because we know how important fidgeting can be, we have spent years developing the quietest, most discreet yet colorful fidgets for kids possible.  Kids who need to fidget will love these and benefit, while their teachers and parents will love them too. 

All of our fidgets are made with the same purpose: to improve people’s lives by stimulating their mind and absorbing excess energy.  There is a great deal of research that proves that fidgeting is beneficial in many ways.

Children have had tremendous success using our fidgets to overcome or cope with symptoms associated with: ADD, ADHD, ASD, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Sensory Integration, Trichotillomania, SPD, Nail Biting, Thumb Sucking, Anxiety, Stress, Hair Twirling and many others.


  • Noah - Blue (Solid Rings)


    Noah is the ultimate fidget toy and was the first ever in our line of fidget products.➥ Like most of our fidgets, the noah has two interlocking rings with a selection of colors available.➥ What makes noah different is the large silicone band in the...

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  • Stephie - Blue (Solid Rings)


    The Stephie is a colorful fidget that is profoundly more quiet than our other fidget toys➥ Like most of our fidgets, the stephie has two interlocking rings with a selection of colors available.➥ What makes the stephie fidget toy different is the vertical...

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  • Not only can you choose your favorite colors and bands in this do it yourself fidgets kit. Their is multiple variations you can create all on your own, or with a friend!

    DIY Fidget Kits

    Create your own variation of fidget toys in this exclusive bundle designed by the Fidgetman from Fidgetland! ➥ We are currently only offering the "Stephie" and "Noah" do it yourself kits.➥ Each kit makes up to five fidget toys, no tools...

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  • Chaney Silver


    A small chain that fits in the palm of your hand, great for fidgeting and creating different shapes. We don’t recommend Chaney for classrooms because it’s not as discreet and quiet as our other fidgets, but its great for studying and the...

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  • JOJO


    Meet JOJO, our newest fidget.  JOJO has two stainless steel rings that are connected to a Rizzle center piece.  Each stainless steel ring has rollers on it for smooth rolling.  The center piece has 4 rollers, great for back and forth...

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