Start Fidgeting! Fidgeting Helps Focus

Posted by Helen Dunn on Feb 2nd 2017

Stop fidgeting! That’s what I was always told when I was a kid. And it’s no wonder: just think of the synonyms that exist for the adjective fidgety:squirmy, twitchy, jittery, jumpy, antsy... None of t … read more

Fidget Durability Test

Posted by Fidgetland on Dec 22nd 2016

We pride ourselves making discreet durable fidgets. To prove how durable our fidgets our we drove a car over them. … read more

Why Do We Fidget?

Posted by Helen Dunn on Sep 2nd 2016

We spend our entire lives hearing that we fidget because we don’t know how to control ourselves. We learn to equate fidgeting with being undisciplined and even impolite. Thank goodness for new resea … read more

Fidget to Quit Smoking

Posted by Helen Dunn on Jun 2nd 2016

Why do we fidget when we quit smoking? For the same reason that we should fidget TO quit smoking! When we smoke we use our hands, so when we quit smoking, we have a missing and nagging issue--what d … read more