Fidget to Quit Smoking

Posted by Helen Dunn on Jun 2nd 2016

Why do we fidget when we quit smoking? For the same reason that we should fidget TO quit smoking! When we smoke we use our hands, so when we quit smoking, we have a missing and nagging issue--what do we do with our hands now? We don’t want to leave them at a loss, this overloads our brains and leads us right back to smoking. Google “nic fit” (or “nic-fit”) and you’ll see on any respectable website that this is one of the main issues with quitting smoking, and that one of the most important helpers in the quest to quit smoking is something that keeps our hands from feeling empty and reaching for a cigarette. We end up biting our nails or shoving food into our mouths to keep from smoking, but no one wants to have a hand constantly dripping with drool or those extra ten pounds that come along with quitting.

Enter fidget toys. Something like this Ninny from Fidgetlandi s going to be your new best friend while you’re trying to quit smoking. Those nicotine withdrawals aren’t going to be so bad when you’re playing with this little fidget because instead of thinking about busying those empty hands with a cigarette, your hands won’t be empty in the first place. Idle hands may be the smoking devil’s workshop, but fidget toys will keep that devil at bay!!