Q: What are your shipping costs within the US and internationally?

A: A flat fee of $4.50 worldwide.   We use USPS First Class Shipping for domestic and DHL e-commerce for international.


Q: Do you offer priority shipping?

A: Yes, it's $7.25 US only.


Q: What is the difference between a split and solid ring?

A: A split ring is a key ring. When Fidgetland was first created we used only split rings, we started using solid rings about a year ago. The solid rings offer a smoother, more fluid feel, as well as being more aesthetically pleasing. 


Q: What size fidget is right for me?

A: Fidget size comes down to personal preference but we made this guide to try to help you click here


Q: Where can I buy Fidgetland fidgets?

A: You can buy directly from our site, Amazon or the following retailers:

  • Southern California - Geppetto’s
  • Baltimore - Barstons
  • Seattle - Island Books, Snapdoodle Toys, Terra Bella, Teaching Toys & Books
  • Austin - Incidental Legend
  • Southaven - Sensory Shop 
  • Napa - Learning Oasis
  • Western Australia - Brain Spice

*If you're a retailer interested in carrying our products, please contact