Adult Fidget Toys for Anxious Adventures

Posted by Helen Dunn on Nov 2nd 2016

Last week I had an anxious adventure in international flight. For the first time in the history of my life (which includes many international flights), I left my passport at home. Luckily, there was someone around to swing by the house and take the passport to where I was. Still, being the “see it is to believe it” type, I needed that passport in my hands before I could take a breath. Despite the fact that I had plenty of time and that I knew the passport genie would get there very soon, I couldn’t stop fidgeting--biting my nails, looking around like a maniac, checking my phone, twisting my hair, etc. It was so bad that I was worried the airport security was going to think that I was up to some kind of nothing good. Then I remembered that I had one of my Anxiety fidget toys in my bag (on this particular occasion it was the Rizzle--check out our new video so you can see it in action!). I pulled it out.

I have my fidget toys because I’m a general fidgeter. I have a lot of nervous energy, so having the fidget toys keeps me from biting my nails completely off. Still, no one had ever mentioned to me, “Hey, keep your fidget toy on you in case you do something really stupid, like forget your passport. You’ll be really glad you have it!” The fidgetland fidget toys have so many uses that would probably never occur to us until the moment comes that we feel the inspiration: maybe you coach your kid’s soccer team and get a little too excited while you’re on the sidelines. Maybe you can’t wait in the dentist’s office without a slight panic. Maybe you’re about to have the interview of the five minutes. These are the moments when, for us adults, fidget toys might surprise us by coming in handiest.