Fidgeting to Lose Weight

Posted by Helen Dunn on Apr 3rd 2017

We all know that sitting still isn’t so great for weight loss, but we now also know that we should fidget to lose weight. Seems crazy, but it’s true--all that extra frenetic energy actually just means that we’re burning more calories. Plus, the more body parts that are fidgeting around the better--that is, you should be fidgeting with your fingers, your toes, your legs, your get the picture.

You might be thinking, “Okay, I get it--movement equals calorie burn. But how do I really lose weight by fidgeting?” Well, be strategic about your fidgeting. First off, think about how much you’re moving at all times. Even when you’re theoretically sitting still at, for example, a meeting, you can still get your fidget on--I like this calorie-burning and still subtle toy, the Rizzle. Second, stand up from time to time to stretch or pace a bit. This can make a big difference between being comfortable and uncomfortable anyway, so no one should be bothered by the movement. Think of this as just a part of your day rather than just a twitch. Third, try never to get too comfortable for too long. If you force yourself to sit somewhere that makes you want to get up and move, this is a good thing for your waistline.

The Washington Post reported a few years ago that folks who fidget tend to be a good bit leaner than those who don’t (check out the 2005 article here), and we know that fidgeting can account for an extra 350 calories per day. This difference in calorie burn can mean 10-30 pounds per year. In other words, a little fidgeting might mean 1-3 clothing start saving for that new wardrobe!