How we are failing children with ADHD

Posted by Fidgetland on Dec 2nd 2016

Parents of children diagnosed with ADHD should check out this article on ADHD is radically mistreatedResearch shows that children with ADHD are often extremely creative. Our institutions … read more

Adult Fidget Toys for Anxious Adventures

Posted by Helen Dunn on Nov 2nd 2016

Last week I had an anxious adventure in international flight. For the first time in the history of my life (which includes many international flights), I left my passport at home. Luckily, there was s … read more

Why Do We Fidget?

Posted by Helen Dunn on Sep 2nd 2016

We spend our entire lives hearing that we fidget because we don’t know how to control ourselves. We learn to equate fidgeting with being undisciplined and even impolite. Thank goodness for new resea … read more