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  • Noah - Blue (Solid Rings)


    Noah is the ultimate fidget toy and was the first ever in our line of fidget products.➥ Like most of our fidgets, the noah has two interlocking rings with a selection of colors available.➥ What makes noah different is the large silicone band in the...

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  • Mar


    The Mar is a great fidget to start with because it has a little bit of everything.➥ Fast aluminum rollers and a soft smooth roller!➥ The smooth roller will keep you fidgeting forever with no worries of hurting your finger.  ➥ Like all our...

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  • Rizzle


    Introducing the Rizzle, a large fidget toy designed for adults.➥ The Rizzle is a large fidget that is best described as fast, fluid and fun.➥ Like all our fidgets, Rizzle is discrete and perfect for the office and college classrooms.➥ Use the rizzle...

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  • Stephie - Pink (Solid Rings)


    The Stephie is a colorful fidget that is profoundly more quiet than our other fidget toys➥ Like most of our fidgets, the stephie has two interlocking rings with a selection of colors available.➥ What makes the stephie fidget toy different is the vertical...

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  • Ninny


    Ninny is an awesome fidget for many reasons but it's the center link that makes it unique and an instant fidget favorite. Unlike any other fidget, Ninny has 8 silicone rings that roll smoothly, providing great fidget feel and fluidity. Use Ninny to help...

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  • Noah Jumbo - Blue (Solid Rings)

    Noah Jumbo

    Noah is the ultimate fidget toy and was the first in our line of fidgets. Like most of our products Noah has two interlocking rings, but what makes Noah different is the large silicone band in the center that rolls back and forth like a treadmill for...

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  • Ellie - Blue


    Ellie was the second fidget we introduced to the marketplace and was designed for smaller hands, because fidgeters come in all sizes!  Ellie has 2 interlocking rings like most of our fidgets, but what makes her unique is the silicone band center...

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  • Chaney Silver


    A small chain that fits in the palm of your hand, great for fidgeting and creating different shapes. We don’t recommend Chaney for classrooms because it’s not as discreet and quiet as our other fidgets, but its great for studying and the...

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  • JOJO


    Meet JOJO, our newest fidget.  JOJO has two stainless steel rings that are connected to a Rizzle center piece.  Each stainless steel ring has rollers on it for smooth rolling.  The center piece has 4 rollers, great for back and forth...

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